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Our Services

Commercial, Residential, and Industrial:

Our team of professionals are trained to work with a variety of paints and coatings. Each job is evaluated and a proposal submitted with specified products. We value every customer and provide quality materials.

Interior and Exterior Painting:

We have been in business since 1984 painting both interior and exterior projects. We have experienced seasoned painters who love to paint and take pride in their work.

Commercial Maintenance:

We assist in maintaining commercial properties. Some managers like to spread out the maintenance over a schedule of years i.e. doors one year, railings the next year, and another year deck coatingsā€¦ etc. We are very flexible in working with some of the best managers on some of the most prized properties in Tucson.

White Boxing:

We will go into a vacated suite to patch walls, caulk, and paint it white in order to make it appealing for prospective tenants.

Tenant Improvements:

We work with general contractors or property managers in the painting of a suite to the specifications of Architects and tenants.

Repaint Specialists:

Repaint work comprises a major portion of our business. It is very important to know how to accurately handle a variety of problem situations. We excel in our repaint work.

Lease Renewals:

We work in conjunction with management, tenants, and other contractors in refinishing a suite for the renewal.

Troubled Substrates:

A substrates is a protective finish on a house or building envelope.

Cracks, expansion joints, or deteriorated substrates are all points of axis for water penetration. We have solutions for these repairs through the use of special caulks and coatings. We are certified through BASF to offer a 10 year water proofing warrantee.

Hotels, Malls, Shopping Centers, Tech Parks, Professional Centers:

We have successfully worked on them all. Both interior and exterior projects completed to the owners satisfaction.

Approved BASF Contractor:

We are experts in the application of BASF products and have applied thousands of gallons of these materials in the last several years. We work hand in hand with BASF representatives as they continually monitor the projects by checking preparation, application, and mil thickness. Upon completion, they will confidently issue their 10 year warrantee.

Epoxy Floors and Garage Floors:

The key to a successful epoxy floor or other coated floors is preparation. If not performed properly, the coating will fail.

Pressure Washing / Power Washing:

The removal of contaminates from the face of your home or building is necessary for good adhesion. This process has become vital in producing a quality and long lasting paint job. We have invested in multiple pressure washers to provide both cold and hot cleaning.

Anti-Graffiti and Coatings:

When your property is tagged with graffiti, we have several methods for removal. We have chemicals that can soften graffiti on split faced-unpainted block which can then be pressure washed and removed.

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